Possum Day 2024

The 8th Annual Possum Day Celebration at Gobbler’s Knob took place at noon on February 2nd, marking the annual ritual of anticipating the arrival of spring by using a marsupial meteorologist.

George The Possum was captured and brought to the festivities by WNRA’s Timmy Noe and Don Glenn.  The pair began their remote broadcast at noon as scheduled, but things got out of hand quickly as George decided he wanted to return to his tree in the woods.

Possum Day Broadcast Audio

Station manager Evan Tidwell says he believes George fled Timmy’s deejay voice and oversize ego.  “George is the star of the show” Tidwell said, “and it’s a rare thing that he actually showed up.”

Tidwell said after an extensive search, George was found in his favorite tree, playing his banjo.  “That means six more hours of Bluegrass music Saturday morning on our station.”